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Ascent Aloe Vera Body Wrap

Perfect for somewhere you’d go for a lift! Dedicated to hydration of dry, mature skin and healing for sunburn, eczema, acne, and more. Aloe Vera has the same pH factor as the skin and is known to increase collagen, tone skin, & reduce pigment formation. Aloe has anti-inflammatory properties and is suited for use on sensitive and allergic skin. Dry body brushing stimulates lymph drainage and exfoliates. A steam room visit relaxes your mind, enhances circulation, and intensifies effects of treatment, leaving skin to ready to absorb the mineral rich aloe treatment. This warm, soothing, full-body wrap of organic, preservative-free Aloe Vera gel allows time for your skin to absorb the benefits. It finishes with our sumptuous Coconut Firming Body Lotion.

90 minutes . . . . $160 (Includes complimentary natural fiber dry body brush with self care instructions)

Sun and Wind Repair Body Wrap

A healing treatment for sunburned or extra dry skin. A mini version of our Ascent Aloe Vera Body Wrap, without skin brushing or steam room. Soothing full-body application and wrap of organic Aloe Vera gel. We allow your skin time to absorb the nutritive benefits and follow up with our splendid Coconut Firming Body Lotion.

60 minutes . . . . $110

Farm to Spa - Seasonal Sugar Scrubs

These delightful, aromatic treatments start with a steam room visit, an indulgent body scrub using organic raw cane sugar paired with seasonal natural ingredients with nutritive benefits from herbs, fruit, and vegetables. Treatment finishes with a quick rinse shower and organic lotion application.

60 minutes . . . . $120

60 minutes . . . . $90 (legs + feet only; no steam or shower)

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Visit Our Steam Room

Relieve stress, invigorate skin, detox, and soothe stiff muscles with this classic, deeply-relaxing therapy. Time for shower rinses before and after. Wonderful on its own, or as an add-on to enhance any treatment. Includes time for a pre- and post - rinse shower and a detoxifying relaxation session in our steam room - schedule prior to enhance any spa service.

30 minutes – Add-On . . . . $35

45 minutes -Steam Only. . . . $50

Sole Soothers

Our unique body treatments transformed to target fatigued legs and tired feet (no nail care).

60 minutes . . . . $90

Mt. Stuart Mud Wrap

Invigorating mint foot soak, exfoliation with loofah terry pad to take home for reuse, and application & wrap of Moor Mud, which purifies and stimulates circulation with over 1,000 plant extracts and trace elements. Finishes with river rock relaxation of lower leg and feet (cool or hot).

Snow Lakes Sugar Scrub

Softening organic milk foot soak, our Signature Sugar Scrub – infused with essential oils to invigorate and exfoliate while smoothing skin, a muscle relaxing wrap, followed by a lower leg and foot massage.

Lavender & Sweet Orange - our most popular choice for women
Balsam Fir & German Chamomile – an excellent blend for men.