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Pregnancy Massage

Carrying a bundle of joy can be hard work! Pregnancy massage improves circulation, minimizes back & hip strain, and reduces lower leg swelling. This treatment is therapeutic before, during, and after pregnancy. *Physician’s prescription required in first trimester.

•60-minute session only for safety $110

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Feeling tender? This gentle, superficial treatment nurtures and supports the immune system. Soothing light-touch therapy encourages detoxification and the movement of lymph fluid away from swollen areas. Optimal results received when done in a series. Not recommended to have alcohol for 24-48 hours prior to treatment. *Physician’s prescription required for clients undergoing oncology treatment.

•60-minute session $110
•90-minute session $150

Deep Tissue & Sports Recovery Massage

A specialized combination of deep tissue massage and therapeutic stretching techniques diminish pain associated with intense stress and physical activity. Although not as relaxing as a Swedish Massage, these effective treatments increase range of motion and circulation, improving recovery time and performance.

•60-minute session $110
•90-minute session $150

Eminence Organic Lotion Massage

Entice your senses and nourish your skin with organic fruits and herbs. Enjoy a Swedish massage with your choice of six sumptuous lotion varieties.

•60-minute session $110
•90-minute session $150

Blueberry Shimmer: Concentrated nutrients and rich Shea butter provide firmer skin with a subtle shimmer.

Coconut: With Shea butter and grape-seed oil for deep, lasting hydration that leaves skin smooth and firm.

Honeydew: This deliciously fragrant elasticity booster soothes, heals, and leaves skin sweetly silky.

Mimosa: Tokay and champagne grapes kissed with orange essential oil leaves skin supple and soft.

Monoi: Ultra-luxurious skin cream with exclusive Anti-Aging Stem Cell complex leaves skin looking more dense, firm, and smooth.

Stone Crop: Revitalizing and soothing botanicals even out skin tone and restore a youthful glow.

Myofascial Release

Ask us about Myofacial Release! Subject to availability.