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International / Bavarian Favorites

Served with sourdough boule and butter and your choice of seasonal sautéed vegetables, sweet potato fries, quinoa*, or natural mashed potatoes

Bavarian Favorites

Served with a choice of German fried red potatoes or spaetzle and our house made apple slaw

Wiener Schnitzel 22.99
Traditional tender veal cutlet prepared in the Viennese style; breaded and served with lemon wedges and apple slaw

Jager Schnitzel 22.99
Breaded pork loin, pounded, seasoned and grilled, served with demi mushroom sauce of red wine, green peppercorn, and a touch of cream

Bavarian Chicken 18.99
Boneless skinless marinated chicken breast, grilled and topped with demi-glace, sour cream and dill

Schnitzel Ala Swiss 19.99
Tender breaded pork, topped with sautéed apples, bacon, onions, mushrooms, topped with Swiss cheese, and finished with green peppercorn sauce

Swabian Rostbraten 21.99
Swabian roast steak – Angus choice grilled rib steak, topped with sautéed onions and red wine cream sauce

Bavarian Sausage Plate 17.99
Bratwurst and German sausage steamed in beer, then grilled to perfection and served with mustards

International Favorites

Served with your choice of seasonal sautéed vegetables, sweet potato fries, French Fries, organic quinoa*, or natural mashed potatoes

Veal Cordon Bleu 22.99
Sautéed tender breaded veal cutlet, topped with sliced ham and Swiss cheese and finished with green peppercorn mushroom sauce

Veal Oscar Style 27.99
Sautéed tender breaded veal cutlet with a demi-glace mushroom sauce and topped with 3 jumbo shrimp, asparagus spears and finished with béarnaise sauce

Korean Barbecue Beef with Quinoa (GF) 17.99
Half Portion (GF) 14.99
Thinly sliced beef marinated in Korean spices, sautéed with fresh seasonal vegetables and served with deliciously seasoned quinoa, without the beef (v) (no choice of side)

Chicken Marsala (GF) 18.99
Sautéed marinated chicken breast, in a sauce of mushrooms, butter and marsala wine