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Fishing and Hunting Around Leavenworth

A variety of fishing is available within a 20-mile radius of Leavenworth & the Wenatchee River; premier game fish (steelhead), trout fishing, high-mountain lakes. Other lakes include Lake Wenatchee & Fish Lake. The area also offers some of the state’s finest mule deer & elk hunting. Bird hunting is also available, contact the Dept. of Wildlife for schedules.

Fishing For Kids in Leavenworth

For kids there is a Trout Unlimited fishing pond available for children 15 and under to fish. Opens in the spring. The pond is located in Enchantment Park before you come to Blackbird Island as you walk from the Icicle Village Resort. Open printable Waterfront Park trail map here. The pond is 20 feet deep and it is stocked with trout by Trout Unlimited.

The pond is part of the Blackbird Island Fish Rearing Project which the Icicle Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited spearheaded with the assistance of City and State organizations. For more information and check it’s status here.

Also check out the The Kids Fishing Day at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery in June.

Fishing for Everyone in Leavenworth

Check out the “Fishin’ Magician” for information on North Central Washington fishing.

Check the regulations with the State Department of Fish & Wildlife before you fish here.


Fish Lake: This lake is less than 25 miles from the town of Leavenworth is a very popular destination for anglers from all over the state. Fish Lake has a reputation for providing excellent fishing for rainbow trout, but also has a good population of brown trout and yellow perch. The ice typically comes off the lake in the month of April and the fishing for holdover rainbow to 2 pounds and better is very good. The Department of Fish and Wildlife maintains the trout numbers here with frequent plants throughout the season. Fishing is good through the summer, including fishing for yellow perch and largemouth bass. Brown trout caught throughout the season, but fishing is best in the very early spring and fall. The Cove Resort on the lake also introduces enough large (5- to 7-pound) triploid rainbow to the lake to make things interesting. There are boats for rent at the Cove and the fishing from the dock here is also very good.


Icicle River: The Icicle River below the National Fish Hatchery in Leavenworth can open for spring salmon fishing as early as the middle of May. These bright, early season salmon range in size from 8 to 16 pounds, with larger fish a real possibility. Most are taken by boaters who drift the river and anchor in the holes that the fish stack up as the make their way upstream to the hatchery. There is some bank access available, too. Most fish are taken on herring rigged behind a Spin N Glo, or with eggs. The season usually runs through the end of July. Visitors are encouraged to visit the National Fish Hatchery on Icicle Road to learn about the migration of salmon to the area and see these large salmon being held prior to spawning. Due to the increase in the numbers of spring salmon returning to our area, a season can often be open for them on the Wenatchee River.


Columbia River: Less than 20 miles from the town of Leavenworth, the Columbia River opens to summer-run salmon fishing the first of July. Thousands of these make their way up the Columbia River to the mouth of the Okanogan River and are intercepted by anglers who fish this stretch of river. Most of the salmon weigh an average of 12 to 15 pounds, but fish pushing 40 pounds are taken every year. Fishing is done from boats and trolled Super Baits account for most of the salmon. There is some bank access near Wenatchee and further up stream. There are some effective lures used with success and later in the season bait-wrapped Flatfish are very attractive to the more aggressive salmon. The season runs through mid-October. Also open at the same time is fishing for sockeye salmon. The season runs through mid-October. In 2014 over 600,000 made their way up the Columbia River to our region

Icicle Creek: Just outside of the town of Leavenworth flows Icicle Creek, a beautiful boulder-strewn water that is loaded with small rainbow and cutthroat trout. It is an ideal fly fishery with plenty of access to scenic runs that are easy to wade. Dry fly anglers will be in heaven when they see the clear, cold waters of the Icicle. The cold-water trout in the creek are mostly 8 to 10 inches, but fish to 12 are possible. Runoff from the snowpack typically settles down enough to allow good fishing by mid-July.

High Lakes: The high country of Leavenworth is world-renowned for its scenic hiking, and there many lakes that contain rainbow and cutthroat trout waiting at the end of the trail. Colchuck Lake even offers fishing for high-mountain lake trout (mackinaw). To learn about these lakes and best fishing opportunities, visit the local Forest Service office here in town. Permits are now required to visit the high country and to park at trailheads and this office can provide with everything you need to visit this high mountain wonderland.


In early August Lake Wenatchee opens to fishing for sockeye salmon. The scenery is beautiful here and the sockeye are abundant. In 2014 over 90,000 made their way up the Tumwater Canyon and entered Lake Wenatchee.

Lakes and Streams: Fishing on the area lakes and streams continue to be excellent through these months. The salmon season that is already underway on the Columbia River will extend it’s boundaries to include the Wenatchee River summer run salmon season. Beginning the first of September, anglers can fish from Peshastin Creek to the Icicle Creek Bridge. The season will continues through October 15. Also watch for the opening for fall salmon fishing. In recent years the Wenatchee has also opened to fishing for coho salmon. In early to mid October the popular steelhead fishing season opens on the Wenatchee.


Wenatchee and Columbia rivers: The main stem Columbia River and tributaries including the Wenatchee are open for steelhead fishing and November is an excellent month. There is plenty of good access from the town of Wenatchee to Leavenworth. The season usually ends in March of the following year.


Wenatchee River: The Wenatchee River opens to angling for whitefish every year in the month of December. Anglers in the know can take these fish from several runs near the town of Leavenworth. The river is also open for steelhead so barbless hooks are required and only hatchery fish may be retained. Steelhead fishing on the Columbia River continues to approach its peak on the Columbia River. The season on steelhead on the Columbia remains open in most years through March 31st.


Fish Lake: In most years an ice cap that is safe enough to support angler’s forms on Fish Lake, and ice fishing is a popular winter sport here. Some of the best rainbow trout and perch fishing of the year takes place while hovering over a hole drilled through the ice. It is important to check on conditions before venturing out on the ice on any winter lake, Fish Lake included.

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Fishing and Hunting Licenses

Fishing and hunting licenses in Leavenworth are available at Der Sportsman right across from the gazebo.

Der Sportsmann
837 Front Street
Leavenworth WA 98826
9 AM – 6 PM Mon – Sun

Leavenworth Fishing Guides

Family owned and operated, founded by Shane Magnuson in 2004. Join Team UCGS for the ultimate guided fishing and hunting experience. Offering fishing on the Columbia River, Icicle River, Wenatchee River, Methow River, and eastern Washington lakes. Also offering guided hunting on the Columbia River for waterfowl.
Phone: (509) 264-7684
email: info@uppercolumbiaguide.com
website: www.uppercolumbiaguide.com