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Big Screen Sports

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Sporting Events on the Big Screen TV at the Icicle Junction

Come watch the game on the biggest screen in Leavenworth at 10 feet wide by 7.5 feet tall!

The screen is surrounded by a sports themed atmosphere where adults can enjoy a beer or glass of wine while enjoying current events on the big screen and their kids are playing in the arcade.

The Junction always has great snacks and appetizers.

So come in for the game and bring your friends!

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Sports Schedule:

All regular season Seahawks games will be on the big screen with food and drink specials!

  • Sept 11th @ 1:05pm vs. Dolphins
  • Sept 18th @ 1:05pm vs. Rams
  • Sept 25th @1:05pm vs. 49ers
  • Oct 2nd @ 10am vs. Jets
  • Oct 16th @ 1:25pm vs. Falcons
  • Oct 23rd @ 5:30pm vs. Cardinals
  • Oct 30th @ 10am vs. Saints
  • Nov 7th @ 5:30pm vs. Bills
  • Nov 13th @5:30pm vs. Patriots
  • Nov 20th @1:25pm vs. Eagles
  • Nov 27th @ 1:05pm vs. Buccaneers
  • Dec 4th @ 5:30pm vs. Panthers
  • Dec 11th @1:25pm vs. Packers
  • Dec 15th @5:25pm vs. Rams
  • Dec 24th @ 1:25pm vs. Cardinals
  • Jan 1 @ 1:25pm vs. 49ers
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