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Walking & Running Trails from the Icicle Village Resort

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#1 Waterfront Route Along the River through Waterfront Park

- From The Icicle Inn’s front door turn right and go south, down the parking lot until you come to a path through the fence under a large tree. Turn right onto Joseph Street, turn left on Scholtze Street, then down Enchantment Park Way.

Waterfront Park is one of Leavenworth’s best kept secrets. The trails wind along the Wenatchee River and through quiet riverbank forests. There are benches for sitting and interpretive signs to explain the natural and cultural history of the area. Throughout the park there are small beach inlets that are perfect for swimming on hot summer days. This is also a great birding site in the spring or a place to spot salmon making their upstream journey in the fall. The trail is accessible a block behind the Icicle Village Resort and will take you along the river, over Blackbird Island, and into downtown Leavenworth. The trail is about 3 miles round trip so plan for an hour walk or 20 minute run. It is flat so you can just relax and enjoy the views. To return to the resort through the park from downtown go to the corner of 8th Street and Commercial. Follow Commercial down a steep hill and at the bottom find the trail to the left.

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Nordic walking is another great way to enhance your stride. You can learn about it and try it out while you are visiting Leavenworth!