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FAQ’s for the Icicle Village Resort

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How many weddings will be booked on my day?

Your Leavenworth Washington wedding should be unforgettable and a lasting memory, which is why we only ever plan one special wedding per day.

Do you have any backup plans for my wedding if there is rain or other inclement weather?

Yes, we always have a backup plan when your ceremony is being held outdoors. Rain or shine we will make your Leavenworth Washington wedding magical. If you are worried about the weather please let us know as we plan a day in advance when we need to move the ceremony inside.

Are there limitations on decorations?

You are welcome to decorate the room to fit your needs. Turn the room into a winter wonderland or an elegant enchantment. When creating your vision you are allowed to use scotch tape, or hanging strips that can easily be removed. However we do ask you do not tack anything to the wall with nails of any kind as we would like to make sure the room stays unforgettable for each and every bride.

Are candles or other open flames allowed?

We do allow candles and open flame. We also have on site and free of charge flameless tealight candles with votive glass holders, if you would prefer to use them and not have to worry about providing your own candles.

Who is responsible for setting up and tearing down the décor, and when will it be completed?

The Icicle Village Resort is responsible for setting up all the tables and chairs, with linens and chair covers and will have the room set before your designated setup time for decorations. As for decorations you will want to designate someone from your party to help with the set up and tear down of all decorations. We ask that all decorations be cleaned up and removed the same night of the event, as the room will need to be reset for future events.

Where can my guests park? Is there a Fee

Your guest can park free of charge anywhere on the property.

Who is in charge of music and announcements?

You will want to either designate someone from your wedding party who understands and knows your taste in music to help choose the perfect songs and make the announcement, or you can hire a wedding planner or DJ to help with the music and announcement for your unforgettable Leavenworth Washington wedding.

Am I able to make a room block for my wedding or special event?

We do allow for wedding room blocks, if your unforgettable wedding is being held on the property we will reserve the number of guest rooms you feel you will need for your event. If your magical day is being held somewhere else in Leavenworth we can still help accommodate your guests as we do allow for 10 guest rooms to be reserved for wedding that is not being held on the property. Please call 1-855-888-2272 for more information about room blocks.

Are there limitations on catering?

All you’re catering needs will be taken care of onsite by our experienced chef Bill Monigold, with the exception of the wedding cake.

In arranging private food and beverage functions, the final attendance numbers must be received no later than 72 business hours (three business days) prior to your Leavenworth Washington wedding. This number will be considered your guarantee, not subject to reduction, and charges will be made accordingly. If the Resort has not received a guarantee by the due date, the agreed number as stated on your banquet event order(s) will be used as your guarantee and the Group will be billed for this number or the actual number of guests served, whichever is greater. We will make every effort to accommodate up to 5% over the guaranteed attendance.

What is your alcohol policy

Provision of the Resort’s liquor license may prohibit patrons from providing alcoholic beverages from outside sources. If alcoholic beverages are served on the Resort premises (or elsewhere under the provisions of the Resort’s liquor license), the Resort’s servers are required to request proper identifications (photo identification) of anyone of questionable age and refuse alcoholic beverage service to persons under age, without proper identification, and refuse service to any person who appears to be intoxicated according to their discretion.

A bartender service is available at $100, which is waived with a minimum alcohol sales of $200 during your Leavenworth Washington Wedding.

How long can the Wedding Reception last?

We want to make your day special, while still being courteous to our other guests, which is why the music must be off at 10pm and we ask the venue be cleaned up by 11pm.

When is the deposit due and how much is it for?

50% is due 30 days after signing of the contract for your wonderful Leavenworth Washington wedding.
The balance is due 30 days before the big event.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not foresee you cancelling your Leavenworth Washington wedding, however, if something was to come up and a cancellation occurs after the date of signature and is greater than the deposit, an invoice will be sent to you at the time of cancellation for one-half of the invoice due. The remainder will be due at the time the group was to have arrived at the Resort. If the Resort is able to sell any of the guest rooms and function space canceled, that portion of the invoice will be refunded based upon the number of guest rooms and function space resold.


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