Reservations: Advance reservations are required. Call us at 509.548.7000. Guests are encouraged to make Spa appointments at the same time that they make room reservations.

What to Wear: Dress comfortably, refrain from wearing jewelry, and leave any valuables in a secure location.

Check In: Arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to the front door of the Spa and call 509.548.7000 so we can safely allow you to enter the building.

Gratuity: For your convenience, gratuities are not included in our prices, and instead are left to the discretion of our guests. You are welcome to tip on your card at check-out, or envelopes are provided for cash.

Cancellation Policy:Please provide a minimum of a 72-hour notice. If you are unable to do so, your card will be charged in full for all services. Late arrivals will not receive a time extension.

Eligibility: Spa services are provided to guests 18 years and older. Children may not be left unattended nor accompany adults during treatments.

Health & Safety: Please refrain from visiting the Spa if you or a household member have a fever, COVID-19 symptoms, a communicable illness, or if you are under an isolation or quarantine order/directive.

We ask that you respect the Spa's sanitation and hygiene standards and processes posted within the Spa and shared by employees. Please wash hands prior to beginning each treatment/service and share special sanitation or hygiene requests prior to arriving at the Spa.

Those in the first trimester of pregnancy will require a prescription for massage.


Experience our Alpine Spa with a facial, massage, or body treatment.

Resort and mountains
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